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Beekeepers try to keep bees — and livelihoods — from going extinct

Los apicultores tratan de mantener las abejas - y los medios de vida - se extingan - The Washington Post

Bees initially make circular cells and use their body heat to turn the wax into a viscous liquid. Then the surface tension at the 3-point junctions pulls the wax into a hexagonal shape.

The work of Brad Holland has always been an inspiration to me. Love his distinct style and use of color.

Feminine Alchemy Crete Retreat, October, where the goddesses and bee priestesses once reigned. Reclaim the wholeness and health of being a women.

The Bee Queen Sara Mapelli - Sara Mapelli dances with honeybees. More specifically, she periodically spends two hours covered in a “blouse” of about 12,000 bees, inviting friends and strangers to witness the event, and documents the experience in striking photography and video pieces.

Small Art - Honeybee Inspirational Painting

and bee inspired !!! ................................ Although this is not a honeybee, but a wasp