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Cornelia Konrads' Incredible Land Art Installations Hover Above the Landscape

Piles..." is a series of installations whose visual impact is drawn from "the pleas and prayers of people in Asia who raise cones of wishing stones, a shamanic custom that is older than Buddhism." Here Konrads integrates a more focused sense of hope into the reformation of found natural objects and their surroundings.

Cornelia Konrads is the artist behind these magnificent gravity defying land art installations. She creates sculptures that blend in with nature and revolve around the illusion of weightlessness, in which objects appear to be floating in mid air.

Sculpture By The Sea (4)

Sculpture By The Sea Artist: Raquel Corona Justo (Mexico) Title: Obsevando la fantasia Statement: “The work invites us to reflect about how we can sit down and watch people in spaces”

Colorful Constructed Pathways Formed in Nature

The Amazing Gravity Defying Land Art of Cornelia Konrads (With Video