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Photographing Water Drops - going to try this more often...... using my Canon 1100D ...... on a fast shutter speed..... unlike blurring which requires very slow shutter speeds!

The other day was my first experience doing water droplet photography, so I am in no way an expert. But, I did do a bit of research ahead of time, and thought it might be helpful or interesting to...

A fab tip to clean your brushes is to hang them from a draw handle so the water drips off the brush and not down the brush handle.

20 Free Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes with Splatters & Drips

20 Free Spray Paint Photoshop Brushes with Splatters & Drips

Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Cake + my best tips for drippy cakes

My first real bakery job (minus scooping cookies and scones for the masses at the UC Davis Coffee House), was as a cake decorator at Sacramento’s beloved Freeport Bakery. A month or so after applying to be a counter clerk, I found myself in the kitchen on the night shift (the lowest tier of cake decorators), elbow deep in whipped cream, sliced strawberry, and chocolate ganache. One of the key responsibilities for the night decorators was filling and frosting the two different…

"3. a harmonica in your hand, a blazing fire in your heart, the longsword strapped to your back, the honey dripping from your eyes, the flirtatious remark always on the tip of your tongue, the gold dust sprinkling from your hair, the fear of drowning, the lies you've forgiven."