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Cowboys often sang to the herds during the night to break the monotony and to quiet the cattle. The one right next to him is real quiet.

Everyone's heard of the Wild West. But what was it that made it so wild? Lawlessness? Crazy characters? New inventions? The lure of gold? The cowboy life? Wars between natives and settlers? Read on...

Top Ten Interesting and Fun Facts About the Wild West and Cowboys

Cowboy Where's Mine? Painting by JK Dooley

Where's Mine? Canvas Print / Canvas Art by JK Dooley

South Dakota artist JK Dooley captures the spirit of the West. Her watercolors depict the cowboy life, horses and rodeo.

Cowboy butts drive me nutts!

western art Boots and Chaps II, Rodeo, Cowboys, 8 x 10 fine art giclee print…