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Getting to Know You Back to School Paper Quizzers (Cootie Catchers) - FREE from FlapJack Ed Resources on (7 pages)

Getting to Know Each Other- Tips and Activities

This would be a very fun activity the first week of school! Teacher says a statement (ex. Switch sides if you like hot dogs more than pizza.) and the students either stay or move. The kids could also talk about why they did/didn't move. Fun!!!

Missing you Art Print

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Getting to know you

Getting to know you games for kids, preteens. Icebreaker games for the first week of school, first class. Charades, Bingo, M&M's, and more.

I have used this for the future but it is a great idea to practice speaking and questions. Mrs. V's Adventures in Teaching - Spanish Cootie Catcher - getting to know you.

writing prompts or questions on jenga blocks. could do something exciting when they all fall down (but not too exciting to make kids knock it down on purpose! ha ha)... maybe a free write for that day or something