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These lead women are just as, if not more important than the Ghostbuster leads for one very important reason: their characters were real people that put men on the moon

Stop preparing for arguments that might not even arise. You're just forcing it with your focus on it. Be Peace. For youself and everyone.

Men and feminism / Hay varias maneras de entender "man up": la manera machista de ser más "hombre" y la otra de ser más fuerte. Esto requiere análisis // edit: I don't think this does require analysis: even if this is does intend "ser más fuerte", that's still a sexist assumption that men should be strong.

#lgbt #tumblr but also this goes for everyone. If you do not stick around for your kids and be a good dad then you are no man.

I feel that this quote is one way to interpet how fenimism is viewed through the eyes of women, but also men to a certain extent. Feminism is not for women to have the power over men, but rather to have everyone treated equally.