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This is fun! Mom put a whole mess load of stuff into our coop to amuse us, and boy, she succeeded!

We're still all the same size in this picture, it wouldn't be long before the Cochins and the Easter Eggers double in size from the Silkies. Silkies are 5lbs when grown, Cochins are more than double that!

Hi, My name is Rocky and I'm the best egglayer in the bunch! I'm a Silkie with odd coloring, I have a golden cape and my body is dark brown... I'm a broody hen. (My daddy named me Rocky after the film when I was pecked by the other chicken and my parents had to patch me up "in my corner of the ring", then send me back into the game...

Oliver's 4 week little chickie Uma. She's a white Frizzle, meaning, the feathers all grow forward instead of backwards and have a funny, skinny bent shape.