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"Pothole Pain Points" video shows you what to look for to avoid costly repairs in the future > For questions, contact our Quick Lane at 859-238-1197, or

How to Recharge Your AC

#Video: How to Recharge Your AC - Rick Muscoplat, an automotive expert at The Family Handyman, will show you how to recharge your car's air conditioner yourself. After this video, you'll be getting ice cold air blowing through your vents once again. Watch:

Car Repair Tips for Fast Fixes

Even if you're not a car-geek, doing some simple, basic maintenance on your vehicle will keep it out of the shop and extend its life. Here's a collection of 10-minute fixes you can easily do to your car that will save you money immediately or prevent future repair bills.

5 More Simple Auto Maintenance Jobs You Should Be Doing Yourself (Part 2

More instructions for routine auto maintenance tasks that you can do yourself and save money. #beselfreliant

Flushing a heater core. He uses CLR, which I've heard is the best way to really clean it out...