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Top 10 Free Crochet Flower Patterns

10 Free Crochet Flower Patterns

How to work crochet ripple patterns

Whether you are looking for a riot of colour or working in neutrals ripples add interest to your crochet. Ripples can be used for every project from warm king-size blankets to elegant clutch bags and the variety of different ripple patterns means you will never get bored. Of course, we love ripples because they are very wearable, they make a perfect shawl or cardigan trim or add interest to mitts and hats. What is a Ripple? A ripple fabric is one where increases and decreases are used ...

I love how the small squares are grouped in clusters and bordered before joining into the blanket. Next project? I think so

How to Crochet a Star

Mi propio patrón. Círculo mágico 1 vuelta: Pochoclo (de 3), 2 cadenas. Repetir 5 veces. 1 punto pasado. 2 vuelta: sobre el punto de cierre del pochoclo: 3 puntos altos, 1 cadena, 3 puntos altos. 1 cadena. Repetir 5 veces. 3 vuelta: sobre las cadenas comprendidas entre ambos "tripletes": 3 puntos altos, 3 cadenas, 3 puntos altos. 1 medio punto en el "valle". Repito 5 veces

Un DIY crochet pour fabriquer des fleurs boutons

RND 1 : sc in the hole of button, ch 4 ( for bigger button ch 5 ), sc in the hole, ch sc in the hole, ch sc in the hole, ch sc in the hole, ch join with a sl st to the sc. RND 2 : *sl st, hdc, hdc, sl st * repeat 4 times , sl st to the sl st, finish off.

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