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Every atom in your body is billions of years old. Hydrogen, major feature of your body was produced in the big bang 13.7 billion years ago. Some of the big bang explosions were so powerful that they also produced the elements heavier than iron. This means that the components of your body are truly ancient.

Bang! They came free with comics - The Dandy, The Beano, Topper and Beezer.

The Big Bang Theory - Soft Kitty Print -

Today's Word of the Day is sang-froid. Learn its definition, pronunciation, etymology and more. Join over 19 million fans who boost their vocabulary every day.

Triple Jupiter Eclipse (via NASA on Flickr Commons)

so true and definately an issue: some people aren't loyal to you... They are loyal to their need of you..Once their needs change. So does their loyalty towards you... Remember, some people don't care how they get ahead in life today... Be loyal to yourself and keep your loyalty only to yourself and not let those take your loyalty from you...


Magazine - Banksy "Better Out Than In" Day 12—21 Recap

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In a nutshell... we get one crack at life. Might as well make it your best. #beinspired #inspireyourself

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David Bowie’s Berlin – a tour of Bowie’s Berlin years David Bowie is such an inspiration to me and today, 11th of January of 2016, is the day when his death was announced to the world. Whatever I can do to keep him alive, I'll do!