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"She loves her new bed. ♥ It looks coz to me too. :-)

Field mouse enjoying acorns.


Pictures of the day: 17 August 2011

Lion Cameron and white tiger Zabu play together at the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida. A meeting between the two predators would have been impossible in the wild as they hail from different continents. The feline duo - aptly nicknamed The Odd Couple by their caretakers at Big Cat Rescue in Florida - were rescued from a roadside zoo around eight years ago.


Animal pictures of the week: 19 August 2011

A orangutan mother and her one-year-old offspring seem almost like humans as they have a good laugh together in the tree tops. Photographer Thomas Marent caught the heart-warming scene on camera in Indonesia

Please, I implore you, let me explain!


Incredibly Cute Animals That You Never Even Knew Existed!

Long eared jerboa baby - adorable animals - cute!


Pictures of the day: 27 March 2012

A grasshopper looks like it's playing hide and seek as it peeps through a hole in a big green leaf. Amused photographer Steven Passlow from Australia photographed the insect in his garden.


Pictures of the day: 9th March 2016

Nikita, a 9-year-old lion stands next to her three three-month old lion cubs at La Fleche Zoo in northwestern France