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Night mists drift across the rolling heather moorlands, carrying an alluring perfume. Classic scented candle by Rathbornes established in


Eucalyptus - one of the trees very likely to fall during a storm

Midori美都里立川 - Google+

Baobab trees may be the oldest life forms on the African continent, and many that are still standing today have been around since Roman times.

This tree was created as the symbol for Animal Kingdom Park at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The "Tree of Life" is not a real tree but has 350 images of animals carved on it. Very impressive!

awesome tree in South Africa with lots of animal carvings love the tree of life in animal kingdom in disney world

Livemocha: Image from Egypt

Livemocha: Image from Egypt

Ethereal bowls made from the skeletons of maple and other leaves are the latest addition to Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi’s impressive portfolio. While she is most famous for her labor-intensive loom works, Sekimachi creates these sylvan masterpieces by adding Kozo paper, watercolor and Krylon coating to the leaves, giving them solid form.

Artist Takes Leaf Skeletons and Turns Them Into Surreal-Looking Sculptures


The Patient Gardener by Visiondivision Japanese cherry tree two story retreat. Under constuction in Milan but will take 100 years to grow fully.

#Repost @helenalloretart One of the Tattoo Designs I made a few months ago  A…

Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER One of the Tattoo Designs I made a few months ago A… Discovred by : Marcos Paulo


Funny pictures about Looks Like Tree is Dancing. Oh, and cool pics about Looks Like Tree is Dancing. Also, Looks Like Tree is Dancing photos.


The great Banyan-tree with the world's largest area of the Crown. Indian botanical cadu is in Haure. Bunyan, or, as it is called, the tree-forest, has not one but thousands of barrels.