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Really did they seriously just go there and are we just going to assume that anything on the ceiling should be burned

Which means all angels will be his brother in laws, and all demons will be his nephews...

Cas has no idea what to do with that compliment.>>> oh ma goush i never notices that yas

My feelings for Dean and Castiel… mostly Castiel

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Subtle again, Dean ! EDIT: episode 08x10 What happened?? Where are all the fanfics?? This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed Dean could have taken Cas out on a date and we missed it. #Destiel

thats it! thats how I want it to go canon. <-- bahaha. I still don't ship it, but man, this is awesome.

I can just picture Cas getting more frustrated the hotter Dean got

Nick at home alone. .. I am bored tbh…