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Plot twist! Dean failed bringing his brother out of the fire when he was 4. Sammy died, Dean has spent the past 30 something years in a coma, and John would make up stories about evil monsters and hunters that saved people in order to comfort him. John died of a heart attack though at the end of season two, so Dean's dreams have only gotten more twisted. Because he knew, deep in the back of his mind, that his father was gone. And it killed him.

''Remember when Cas smiled for the first time? And remember who put that smile there in the first place?'' / Castiel Dean

My board is called Supernatural, when really it should be called: "Destiel, Destiel, and a little more Destiel."

Show me the person that doesn't love Balthazar. I'll hate this person more than I hate Moffat's wish to kill great people.

Get it? Because Dean loves pie AND bi/pan! (it has not been confirmed which, but more likely bi)

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