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Either a Curves granola bar or 1 cup of baby carrots with 2 Tbsp Hummus 100 calories each) Photo by:

Chili Lime Edamame | Oxygen Magazine

Chili Lime Edamame | Oxygen Magazine


Recipe: Summer Tiramisu with Mango Lime — Dessert Recipes from The Kitchn."This is a no-cook pudding with only fruit jam to sweeten it and lime to brighten. It was airy and creamy, tangy and sweet.

your nurse first Be Your Own Nurse: How to Stay Healthy (Infographic)

Be Your Own Nurse: How to Stay Healthy (Infographic)

You don& always have to go to a doctor to check up on your health. This infographic by Licensed Practical Nurse lays out some practical ways to maintain y

Shop Once, Eat All Week! Simplify your Sunday shopping with this printable grocery list and meal plan.

Shop Once, Make 21 Meals!

Shop once, eat healthy for a week- grocery list, meal plan, recipes- Shape Magazine

fav summer drink- cold refreshing water

12 Tips For Faster Metabolism And Weight Loss! If your metabolism runs high you can burn fat and lose substantial weight with out a lot of extra activity or at least faster.