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My lovely tattoos I have a two tone geometric star black and red really love that one just got it done today 5/17/2013 then I have the words Forever Resilient as a reminder to myself to stay strong and overcome any of the bad hands that come my way. Then we have my initials my very first tattoo :)

Resilience #tattooDone by TJ at Dago’s Tattoos in August of 2010

Dandelion Tattoo, "some see a weed, others see wish"

"Together forever never apart" "Maybe in distance but never in heart" found this quote years ago and my cousin and I always said we would get it as tattoos! Still want too.

I love how the black line is bleeding the watercolors of blue and green

Cancer constellation tattoo …

My new cancer zodiac tattoo! The tattoo artist made a little twist and stretching in normal cancer zodiac sign. Love it!!

"dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today."

my fox tattoo. #tattoo ✌ has color now tho!