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This scared me to death I was like what?!? Wait a second is that eyes! WHOLY COW!!!

inspired by that scene where Bill makes Dipper fall down the stairs cause it's amusing. Pain is hilarious!


Creep cool shadow character light gets brighter in the eyes as the character morphs- creating drama and intrigue

Gravity Falls,фэндомы,Over The Garden Wall,crossover,Bipper,GF Персонажи,GF Комиксы

Give his body back Bad End Friends. Gravity Falls, Over the Garden Wall (Beast Wirt)

Over the Garden Walls x Adventure Time x Gravity Falls | Beast Wirt, Ice Prince Finn, and Bipper Bad End Friends

Beast wirt (over the garden wall), ice finn (adventure time), and bipper (gravity falls) bad end friends

Bad End  Marco, Star vs the Forces of Evil, Dipper, Bipper, Gravity Falls, Wirt Beast!Wirt, Over the Garden Wall, OTGW, Finn, Adventure Time

BAD END - Marco [Star vs the Forces of Evil], Dipper (Bipper) [Gravity Falls], Wirt (Beast) [Over the Garden Wall], & Finn [Adventure Time]