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Have you ever heard tragic music and thought of a squirrel falling into the snow? Lol. PLOP.😂

Happy hedgehog, Watercolor painting by Kristina Brozicevic | Artfinder

Ashtons briging his inner sass out and calums just like excuse me honey but that is my job

Just a coincidence i found this in my e mail as the belovéd brushing around me and the mad Yorkie.

(gif set) "Can we talk about Sam's face in the last gif? His fucking smile? When is the last time he smiled that honestly? And it's all because Bobby says Dean is adorable, and Sam just breaks out in this unabashed grin and look at how happy everyone is in this moment, okay?! Why don't we have moments like this anymore?!" "Because Bobby died." "GO SIT IN THE CORNER." ||| Supernatural 4x06 "Yellow Fever"

from BuzzFeed

20 Whimsical Embroidered Animals By Kimika Hara

Kimikahara Puerco espin. ilustración textil

from serribrat's pet rat page

DIY Tutorial: No-Sew Fleece Shelf Liners

An idea for covering shelves to make a no-slip surface (scale up for cats).

Jensen Ackles, runway model. Dat head snap at the end doe...(GIF) I'm crying... hahaha