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hahaha love that part of Pitch Perfect

Chloe and Aubrey meme. I think that’s what all of us thought when we saw that scene xD Bechloe, Pitch Perfect 2

Bechloe Moments from PP2. This is awesome. By the way there is this petition for the third movie; it's a petition about making Bechloe canon so I'll just leave this link here and I hope you support it if you are a Bechloe shipper. Here's the link:

Oh the fanfic for Bechloe ! I love it ;)

Another thing for you bechloe or sendrick shippers. I <3 all the ships, but my favourite will always be Jeca.

Not mine its a really good fan art so credit to whoever made this, but i love it and all the shippers will love it too ❤ #bechloe #sendrick

Doing things “as a joke”. You know, that kind of things all of us do with our friends, right? Beca never gets it xD Bechloe. Pitch Perfect