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Urban street art graffiti by Mokey on Sycamore @ Valencia Street in San Francisco, Ca

EDC Costume Inspiration - FAFI “Born and raised... | Fancy Made

EDC Costume Inspiration - FAFI “Born and raised in Toulouse France, Fafi’s strong presence in the graffiti and fine arts scene was first witnessed on her hometown walls in Back then, as she was.

Remake {1.“Self portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser” remake by Yesenia Caloca, original by Frida Kahlo   2. “Girl with Ice Cream Cone” remake by Stephanie Gonot, original by Wayne Thiebaud  3. “La bonne foi” remake by Noemi Mazzucchelli, original by Magritte  4. “Ohhh…Alright…” remake by Emily Kiel, original by Roy Lichtenstein  5. “Self Portrait 1889″ remake by Seth Johnson, original by Vincent van Gogh  6. “Portrait of Frida Kahlo” remake by Danilo Ursini, original by Frida Kahlo}

Spring performance final drawing/photography lesson: remake - have students select a portrait and remake it. - I love love love when people dress up as Frida Kahlo

Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

Fafi & Miss Van

Miss Van