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Captain Lord Robert Manners (6 February 1758 – 23 April 1782) was an officer of the Royal Navy and nobleman, the second son of John Manners, Marquess of Granby and Lady Frances Seymour.

French; Cheveau Leger de La Garde du Roi during the reign of Louis XVI(1774-91). The Cheveau Legers were ranked third in seniority in the Maison militaire du Roi after the Garde du Corps and the Gendarmes de la Garde. Entrance was limited to members of the nobility, who would subsequently go on to hold officer rank in the Line Regiments. The book this print came from suggests date of uniform is post 1780.

"Major-General Robert Monckton at the Taking of Martinique, 1762" by Benjamin West (1763) at the National Army Museum, London - From the curators' comments: "Monckton's military career was largely centred in North America, most significantly as General Wolfe's second-in-command at Quebec in 1759. From 1761-1763, he was Governor of New York. It was thus no coincidence that he chose the young American artist, Benjamin West, to record his grandest moment for posterity."

"Men of War, Bound for the port of Pleasure". 25 April 1791. Unknown artist. National Maritime Museum, London

This is an on-line image from the British Museum. A soldier talking to a fashionably-dressed young woman on horseback, leaning against her horse, while another soldier entertains two women in a tent in the background to right; encampment laid out on the hill behind. 15 September 1780 Hand-coloured mezzotint with some etching.