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Mandy (later merged with Judy) The stories I remember are: Jenna on the Run, No Pity for Paula, and The Truth About Wendy.

vintage Santa and sleigh decoration - reindeer - Christmas - 1960s - my grandmother had this at her house every Christmas!

Dick Dastardly and Muttley - I've never been a big fan of anything Hannah Barbera, but you have to give it up for these guys. Two of the best voices in cartoon history and their chemistry was pretty good too!


VINTAGE MATCHMAKERS ROWNTREE MACKINTOSH BOX. They were the width of the box, not like the longer ones you get now.

School toilet paper!! How anyone could wipe anything on this stuff is beyond wasn't even absorbent.

johnny morris the voice of animals / Animals appeared to talk like humans !! He was such a lovely man with such a friendly and interesting voice

1960s Transistor Radio I really really wanted this. I got one wrapped in a box, in a box, in a box and inside another box one Christmas morning

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