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OMG THEY FINALLY KISSED!! I was waiting all season for this I knew something was missing...BRALLIE FOREVER! I could watch this all day. The way he looks at her right here though...It's love <3

(FC: Maia Mitchell) hi I'm Lucy I'm 16. I am a daughter of Hephaestus. I have fire powers and yeah. I'm good at fixing things and building weapons and shields. I usually don't say a lot and yeah ask me if you want a new weapon or.... Yeah. Bye now.

Brandon & Callie | "he's my best friend" brallie from begining to middle end this is such an amazing and passionate mashup <3

#TheFostersBingeandWinSweepsEntry It was hard to pick a favorite, but my favorite moment in ABC Family's' hit show, 'The Fosters', is when Brandon tells Callie how he feels about her. Brandon says to Callie, "I don't want you dating him, because i don't want you dating anyone." This was so sweet. #Ballie