French artist Mademoiselle Maurice has taken the traditional Japanese art of paper folding and given it a modern twist with a street art installation in Paris.

Rainbow Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice. Some fresh new street art out of Paris today by french artist Mademoiselle Maurice who creates stunning geometric figures on urban surfaces using rainbows of folded origami figures.

Paper Origami Rainbows Along the Streets of Paris by Madmoiselle Maurice

Paper Origami Rainbows Along the Streets of Paris

Mademoiselle Maurice–France-

Porto-Vecchio, Corsica - New Rainbow-Hued Origami Street Art by Mademoiselle Maurice


In a departure from his normal style, the artist painted an astronaut planting a flat on the moon on the wall of this abandoned and overgrown building in Paris

this would be a beautiful senior prank

Arment, I think your parking lot needs this. I just love this. I would so be happy to park in a dandelion field.

Urban Origami Murals in Vietnam, Hong Kong and France by Mademoiselle Maurice (11 Pictures)

Rainbow Graffiti Papercraft - The New Mademoiselle Maurice Urban Origami Installations are Crafty (GALLERY)


Urban Origami Installations on the Streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam by Mademoiselle Maurice. Going to Hong Kong in 2 weeks.