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Explore Accepts Rent, Extra Thing and more!

If your landlord only accepts rent payments by check, that’s just one extra thing you have to remember every month. Your bank might be able to help you automate the process, though. If you rent from a

I put this here instead of my spirituality board because it seems to be a necessary reminder as I go thru the process of letting go of my past. My recovery board is about getting over the childhood wounds that have likely caused PTSD & are deeply imbedded. I not only need to get over the one hope I still had that my mother could be trusted not to hurt me or my family, I also have to re-wire all the wrong/abusive messages I've been taught so that I can finally feel good enough being me,

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How I Plan My Supermarket Shop

The food bill in my household is our biggest spend after rent. To ensure we keep within our budget we have a tried and tested plan for our supermarket shop.

Mr. Money Mustache has taught me how to strengthen my frugality muscles and focus on real happiness, not just things that I can buy

A compilation of “close calls” (Video) - Your Fun Pics

Challenge yourself next year to read differently than you did this year. Your creativity & intellect will thank you ;).

This is the most logical wholock out there. :D<< looks like Mrs Hudson finally rented out that other room! :D

Honesty, Loyalty & Being a priority! Why would anyone accept anything else - unless you happen to be a doormat....

This bookkeeping form makes it easy to keep track of receipts and expenses for a business a month at a time. Free to download and print

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Rent Your Home? Save Money With These 3 Tips

Renting isn't cheap! Although renting a property can be expensive, there are some money saving tips that will keep a few more pounds in your pocket.