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British Shorthair I have had two British Blue Short hairs and currently have a black. They are wonderful natured cats, gentle, loving and rarely meow.

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Kaloofa Hooly Dooly

British Blue Cat Kaloofa Downunder Dexter - Purebreed Pedigree British Shorthair Cat from Toronto, Canada

Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

British Shorthair

Британская короткошёрстная кошка фото

I miss my Boober cat. Maybe someday I need another British Shorthair/Scottish Fold. Look at those cheeks!

Gorgeous blue. Look at those eyes!

british shorthair blue, thats the cat i have, got to love her, but grey and gold eyes will always be tacky and never in season

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Lilac British Shorthair

Just like its American cousin, the British Shorthair is England’s most popular cat since it originated there. The Cheshire Cat and Puss in Boots were both British Shorthairs. The breed is mellow and easy-going, making it an excellent family companion.

Ahahaha! If I were to ever have a cat, I'd want him to be just like this, and I'd name him Sir Henry Foghorn!

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