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Cloud atlas This world spins from the same unseen forces that twist our hearts.

quote from The Dark Knight. "Everything Burns." I love the joker so much. It's unhealthy

Photographer Martin Schoeller

A selection of 30 photographs of stars going crazy, made ?by photographer Martin Schoeller, specializing in twisted portraits of stars and celebrities. I am qu


The Dark superhero film, this one based on Batman and the evil villain the Joker. Great acting by Heath Ledger made this film as great as it is. This films also had great special effects, one of my favorite being Harvey Dent's "two-face" appearance.

Behind The Scenes Pictures Of the Iconic Interrogation Scene From The Dark Knight. A Must See For Batman Fans. http://www.viralinferno.com/31-heath-ledger-behind-the-scenes-pictures/ #batman #joker #heathledger #christianbale #movies

Step-By-Step Visual Breakdown of The Dark Knight Joker Interrogation Scene with Commentary from Christopher Nolan

Religious leaders, schoolteachers, learned men, and the masses watch as a young girl’s parents lead her to the edge of a cliff and push her off in a scene titled The Sacrifice in Sånger från andra våningen Songs from the Second Floor (2000) Photo courtesy of Studio 24.

Roy Andersson - Sånger från andra våningen - Songs from the second floor