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“ Malakite couple ” X A X Pigeon you so so talented wahhhhh they are my favorite too weh

Gem Reproduction by Lopoddity.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

I used the multiply layer! Are you happy Lopoddity? Lololol felt like making something pretty and cuddly. So I went with gemlings because they cute. Onyx belongs to Gemling concept can be f.

"Aww, did my wittle Moony-Woony harpoon that corrupted gem right in its smug bitch face? Yes she did, oh, yes she did! Mommy's so proud!" "Aha ha...Mom, you're kind of...crushing...me..." I think t...

even more, cuz what the hell why not Concept design for a fusion between Onyx and Pikokko 's Yellow Quartz (Citrine's true form), Spectrolite. Spectrolite is a fairly weak gem, not at all a fig.

Steven Universe - Malachite

* I drew all the fusions and you can kinda see which ones I spent more time on lol. My fav is my malachite but then again im biased cause she is my fav.