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Headline from the Spanish-American War period. (Yellow journalism)

from Writing • Visual Storytelling • Journalism• by Tracey Eaton

COM 208: Pulitzer vs. Hearst: Yellow Journalism Era

Part III. Yellow Journalism (1890's-1900's) Progressive Era/WWI Period. Hearst, in 1896, lured away from Pulitzer"s "World" the illustrator R.F. Outcault, the originator of the popular comic strip character, the "Yellow Kid." The "World" used another illustrator to draw its strip. The "Battle of the Yellow Kids" resulted in the term Yellow Journalism being used to describe this circulation-boosting tabloid-type of Newspaper publishing.

Yellow Journalism - Nasty little printer's devils spew forth from the Hoe press in this Puck cartoon of November 21, 1888.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Yellow Journalism Project: Spanish-American War

This project allows students to experiment with Yellow Journalism, popular during the Spanish-American War. Students choose one event related to the Spanish-American War, research the event, and create a newspaper related to that event in the style of Yellow Journalism.

Is the News Media controlling what we believe? See

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