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gently learning - jo klima - maps to herself http://www.mapstoherself.com/gently-learning/

Gently Learning - jo klima - maps to herself

jo klima | maps to her herself.

Presence - Jo Klima My clients have a strong emotional attachment to their goals; they are tangible and living, and not just a series of checkpoints. By feeling their goals my clients are even more motivated to achieve them.

The Dusty Attic Blog: Steampunk Dreamcatcher - Joanne Bain - Challenge inspiration

Joanne here today to share my Steampunk Dreamcatcher. To create the dreamcatcher I used almost all varieties of Dusty chipboard cogs availa.

Miltchacra Icosaender.

Miltchacra Icosaender.

Invoking Joy - Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

Invoking Joy - Jo Klima - Maps to Herself

We get stuck in our limitations, whether they be external or internal.  It's only when we have aha! moments that we realise how stuck we were. Seriously! We're oft oblivious to our narrow lens. This unwittingly stops us from achieving our goals and feeling happy. A way to get past this is to actively shift our perspectives, and stargazing is a proven way of doing this. Here, I talk about connecting with the wild through stargazing, and features of the best telescopes under $200, to optimize…


Learn about connecting with the wild through stargazing, and on choosing the best telescope under 200 dollars, for beginners

Tracy Verdugo

Heartful Musings: Sorry to leave you hanging but spontaneous is just more my style!