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建筑模型-供应建筑模型材料 模型小人-塑胶玩具尽在阿里巴巴-上海同创模型耗材

zannagoldhawk: Sorry I haven’t posted anything in AGES guys! I’ve been super busy over Christmas, and now I’m flooded with uni work. I’ve still been finding the time to check out all the awesome stuff you’re posting though! Woah! Anyway, here is a nice little cabin in the woods - I’d quite like to be there now, instead of doing my Uni work. You can buy it as a print here!

We Bet You've Never Seen Makeup Like This Before

You've Never Seen Makeup Like This Before #refinery29 Threads “This was an idea I’d had where — not in a gruesome way — I wanted the makeup to look like it’d been stitched on, so you have a beautiful gradation of color and ombré between the threads. A good friend of mine is a fashion designer, and I sat at his sewing machine and made these pieces. I wanted it to almost look like ink and water, as if she’d been immersed…

Tiny Kitchen Renovation with Faux Painted Brick Backsplash