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theartofanimation: “ Jade Mere - - - - - -...

THIS IS SO PERFECT IT'S SCARY!<<< Wow this is just perfect because Scott later became a werewolf so like a dog, and Stiles became the Nogitsune, so a fox.

Teen Wolf Scott Pack. Kira Yukimura - Fox/ Kitsune, Scott Mccall - werewolf/ true apha, Malia Hale/Tate - werecoyote, Lydia Martin - Banshee, Liam Dunbar - Werewolf/Beta and Stiles Stilinski - Human/ The best. I really love this as i found it after i had the initial idea for my project and to draw people half human half animal.

Winter Wolf - Wolf Art - Wolf Symbolism - Giclée Archival Print

Chief - Wolf: Leader of the pack</p> <p>

Spiritual Warfare: Wolf Pack Dynamics.The opponent to Christ uses his packs 'in' & 'out' of the pagan religion domain to network together with psychological warfare mentality of the wolf mindset, ascribed to their thought processes aligned to the lower spiritual realms. Using world resources, in particular the internet to join their packs, the ranking behaviours are of the wolf pack dynamics, discernible via the nature & content of their message terrritorial scent markings there from. Rev…