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Damon Salvatore -  The Vampire Diaries

Damon Salvatore / The Vampire Diaries.I'm an Ian Somerhalder fan I really like his movies. One day I might actually watch his vampire series:) If I ever have time

how the heck does Ian go from hi kid pic the the other ones he looked soooo different

Time Machine → Ian Somerhalder ★ Nina Dobrev ★ Paul Wesley - The Vampire Diaries


Mmmhhmmmmm then y does she find out that Damon is her one true love, of her life. I believe that in one episode she agrees to let him go for her and Damon to be happy.

So true..

Joseph Morgan- Niklaus Mikaelson I love Klaus! Klaus is one of the best villains ever!

Katherine Necklace - The Vampire Diaries

Katherine Necklace - The Vampire Diaries

TVD Damon and Liz

Sarah Alasfour on

I loved so much that he actually had quite a deep friendship with the sheriff.