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Today April 4th marks the anniversary of the death of two important leaders in the fight for black freedom--Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Read little-known history about MLK’s pressure on JFK to issue a “2nd Emancipation Proclamation” on page 102 of Emancipation Proclamation “Forever Free” Photo by Paul Schutzer, Time & Life Pictures/ Getty Images

Martin Luther King Jr - family time

Martin Luther King Jr Parents | Martin Luther King, Jr. and family

Today marks the anniversary of the funeral of Martin Luther King Jr. Trivia Tuesday: In what year did Dr. King pass? In what year did Adam Clayton Powell Jr. pass? (Photo Credit: Bettman/Corbis)

Martin Luther King Jr being attacked as he marched nonviolently for the Chicago Freedom Movement, 1966, which was the most ambitious civil rights campaign in the North of the United States, and lasted from mid-1965 to early 1967.