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Tripping the flight fantastic: Stunning images show agile bats hunting moths and drinking from pond

Captured: These amazing shots were captured by wildlife photographer Michael Durham who patiently waited for the creatures to appear - ready to snap them

Stunning shots of thirsty bats swooping down for a drink from garden pond

Kim Taylor managed to get shots of Brown Long-eared Bats and Daubeton Bats swooping down to lap up pond water at 20MPH.

Best pictures of the day - live

A snow leopard leaps up at Bronx zoo, New York. Photograph: James Devaney/WireImage

Ivory-breasted Pitta. Pittas are medium-sized birds 5.9–9.8 in length, and stocky, with longish strong legs & long feet. They have very short tails and stout, slightly decurved bills. Many have brightly coloured plumage. They eat snails, insects & similar invertebrate prey. Both parents care 4 up to 6 eggs in a large spherical nest in a tree or shrub, or sometimes on the ground. Many species of pittas are migratory, often end up in unexpected places like house-gardens during migration.

Little Winter Wren how sweet you are. Photography by Long Pond Studio. (KO) Fall and Winter are coming! Please buy inexpensive birdseed and put it out soon. Put itin an accessible spot, safe from cats and other predictors, and keep it full for the birds. They go hungry often due to snow, ice, other wildlife and cold. Thank you! Be kind to out feathered buddies. :)

Say FREEZE! Amazing images of birds captured at 1/8000th of a second by amateur British wildlife photographer

~~A stellers jay mid flight in Roy Hancliff's Okanagan Valley garden in British Columbia, Canada~~