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By Arthur Braginsky I just love this - that expression...he captured the personality perfectly.

... XD This needs to happen more often, I mean, England and Russia teaming up to tease America XD

Hetalia Chessverse/Chesstalia- White Chesstalia: America (White King), Russia (White Rook), France (White Bishop), China (White Queen), England (White Knight). (source: Chess Hetalia Thread - Allied Forces

Horse Paintings and Prints | Horse 2 Painting by Arthur Braginsky - Head Horse 2 Fine Art Prints ...

Arthur Braginsky, 1965 ~ Fantasy/Figurative painter | Part 2 | Tutt'Art…

I'm sorry for all the random Hetalia I'm pinning, oh wait, no I'm not!

Horse1 Painting by Arthur Braginsky - Horse1 Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale