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I've got sunshine on a cloudy day . . .

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day .

Family ~ This is how I feel about my Oscar <3 #DogQuotes

"Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity human ever has to choose a relative.

Yes!!! Oreo is definitely Heaven sent.

“Nobody can fully understand the meaning of love unless he’s owned a dog Boston Terrier” – Gene Hill Before I owned a Boston Terrier (or in fact any dog as Stelly is my first) I could never h…

New obsession - boston terriers

Boston Terrier Puppy - I so love that sweet face I come home to everyday!

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Boston Terrier Dog Breed Information

She is cute even in red! Clementine & Hogwarts by Genevieve Morrison - Red Boston Terrier About to get a red and white boston but i love watching this lady's vidoes

My heart is perfect.  It's where you are....

Last Friday Winnie was 12 weeks old. I can’t believe we’ve had her for 3 weeks now! The time has flown by. She weighs lbs. I’ve been using this Puppy Weight Calculator and it’s been pretty consistent each week. It predicts her adult weight will be aro

From this.... Absolutely true!!!

Boston Terrier – Friendly and Bright – Pup Home

Loving the sunshine

Boston Terrier Breed of Small Dogs. Boston Terrier lovers from around the world! Boston Terrier Information, Photos, Videos and more!


Boston Terriers have the cutest faces!would love to have this baby.I have two Rescue Boston's and love the breed.

Boston Terriers are little suck monkeys, aren't they <3 Pateo ♥

Boston Terriers are little suck monkeys, aren't they Pateo ♥ My baby sucks on his pillow! Must be a Boston thing

Peek-a-boo #bostonterrier

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