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This post really is worth a thousand words. It shows some huge gender stereotypes for men and women. Gender and how society views it is a huge problem for me, when people don't fit into "man" or "woman" it makes it so easy to discriminate and make them feel like a second class citizen.

The nape (komata) is the part of the body considered focal in Japanese eroticism. While all the face and the remaining visible part of the neck is completely painted in white, the geisha will leave a “V” shape unpainted to enhance the sensuality of this area. For special occasions, for instance when a maiko becomes a geisha, they leave three lines forming a “W” unpainted. The naked skin shown on the nape is a veiled reference to other intimate parts men would be longing to discover.

Provocation- Put simply, provocations provoke! They provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. This activity might also be provoked by stories of the dreamtime - children could create their own story through their art.