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ARAMU MURU, Peru  What purpose the space once served is unknown, but the most likely explanation is that it was an abandoned Incan construction project.   Locals are said to call the doorway the "Puerta de Hayu Marca," or "Gate of the Gods," and local legends apparently speak of people disappearing through the doorway as well as of strange sights, such as "tall men accompanied by glowing balls of lights walking through the doorway."

Aramu Muru

Discover Aramu Muru in Peru: An abandoned Incan construction project left behind a mysterious "doorway.

Fortaleza de la huaca Yahuar en Tipón y el valle sagrado en el fondo

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Fortress of yahuar huaca in tipon and the sacred valley in the background

The offical entrance to Amaru muru with the hayu marca mountains behind

The unparalleled beauty of Amaru Muru

Detailed information on Aramu Muru. An ancient inca site in the Hayu Marca mountains near Lake Titicaca, Peru.

Dragon, Aramu Muru of the “Star Gate”, Peru.

Deep in the mountain range of Hayu Marca hides an undiscovered tourist gem. Amaru Muru is said to be a spiritual doorway into another doorway.

Share this:MessageToEagle.com – Many archeologists agree that cylindrical towers known as “chulpas”, which can be viewed at Sillustani, Cutimbo, and other places are the work of a pre-Inca culture. Sillustani is a pre-Incan burial ground (of the Colla people) on the shores of Lake Umayo, approximately 35 miles from Puno in Peru. It houses tombs and some round and some …

Sillustani Tombs – High Plains, Peru are set on a hill above Lake Umayo and were used as graves for Colla nobility.

Rumicolca, pre-Inca gateway to the Valley of Cuzco Peru

Rumiqullqa, pre-Inca gateway to the Valley of Cuzco, Peru. Rumiqullqa is an archaeological site in Peru.

"the gate of the sun", a stone gateway constructed by the Tiwanaku culture from Bolivia, weight estimate: 10 tons

"The gate of the Sun", a stone gateway constructed by the Tiwanaku culture from Bolivia, weight estimate: 10 tons

Grass terraces at Tipon, Peru

The atmospheric Inca site at Tipon, Peru, with its green terraces and water features, makes a great day out from Cusco