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Besides eye makeup, face contouring plays an important part when girls put makeup on their faces. Face contouring can lighten up your face as well as accenuate your complexion. However, how to use your makeup to spice up the look needs tricks and practices. Today’s post is all about the tutorials of light contouring. Girls …

10 Light Contouring Tutorials for Every Girl

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Makeup Tricks : 17 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks Pin EVERY Woman Should Know . Fantastic tips! They work wonderfully . Kur Pin intrest your wicked cool with a record breaking 110 pins more than any other site!

When to Toss Your Makeup. If your makeup is too old, you're much more susceptible to bacteria and it might not work as well anymore. I don't think you need to toss it at the exact month mark, but I use this as a guideline.

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