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Which Superhero Or Villain Would Win In A Fight?

Which Superhero Or Villain Would Win In A Fight? | PlayBuzz

Awards I’ll Never Win

Lots of fashion, too many cats, some mental health and occasionally politics. I've got a rare genetic disease (EDS - Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) that makes me a medical hot mess of severe pain and joint...

9 Disney Villians Reimagined As Sexy Pinup Models

LA-based artist Andrew Tarusov has reimagined Disney villains as pinup models, and it's guaranteed to make you feel some sort of way.

Who Is Your Disney Sidekick?

Disney's "Robin Hood" Reused Animation From Older Movies

The 'Phony King of England' segment from "Robin Hood" contains recycled movements from previous Disney films. Watch below to see for yourself!

Which Obscure Disney Character Would Be Your Enchanted Forest Alter Ego?

Disney Characters In Real Life

We all have our favorite Disney cartoons and many are now being turned into live action films!