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If I ever give up on you just know that it took a lot out of me bc I'm the type of person to give endless chances I never give up on anything

So I'm naturally a loner but I'm a people person I become friends with folks but I would still rather be alone... but I'm a people person

I'm the type of person who doesn't enjoy hanging out second chances. But if I do decide to forgive you for whatever you've done, don't ever think I'll forget. Thinks will never really be the same between us again.

This was my exhusband. If it sounds harsh, chances are you haven't been involved with one. Count yourself as lucky. A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse.

There are 3 reasons why people change. They have learned a lot. They have suffered enough. They got tired of the same thing.

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"Virgos are not really complicated, but at the same time they are. The reason being, on the surface they are so calm, collected, reserved, and down-to-earth. Inside however, there is a WHOLE lot going on especially in their mind. They will usually paint the picture that everything is okay, but they are dealing with a host of things and their own criticisms top the list."

Never let a person make you feel bad for choosing not to tolerate their disrespect anymore. Nothing wrong with respecting yourself.