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Young Princess Victoria ~ She inherited the throne aged 18, after her father's three elder brothers had all died, leaving no surviving legitimate children.

The famous picture of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with their daughter Victoria on her wedding day, 25 January 1858. The Queen is blurry because she couldn't stop shaking from the anxiety of her daughter leaving home.

Victoria, Princess Royal and Prince Frederick William of Prussia, the future German Emperor Frederick III. They were the parents of Emperor (Kaiser) William II.

Victoria, the Princess Royal (1851). A miniature by William Essex, commissioned by the Queen and presented to Prince Albert.

WW1 Royal family rift revealed in stunning portraits

Princess Victoria, mother of Kaiser Wilhelm, was the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria

Photograph of Queen Victoria (1819-1901) with Victoria, Princess Royal, Empress Frederick, both wearing black in mourning holding a photograph of Emperor Frederick III who died in June 1888, photo was taken june 1889 | The Royal Collection