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from Berry

Saturday morning funnies (photos)

i just saw this and i couldn't resist to put it in this board. i hope the other pins don't bully him

Well I mean if I saw The Black Panther trying to kill me I'd run too man

harry potter funny pictures - Google Search

from BuzzFeed

24 Animal Pictures You Have To Look At Twice

I just laughed so hard when I readsaw this. Follow:

I'm all of these at times, but mostly it's True Neutral, Chaotic Evil, Neutral Good, and Neutral Evil.

#TRUE! #TRUTH BE TOLD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> IT's Not As Funny As It Was When You Know That You're NEXT!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

When I get to Japan, Im printing this pin out and will be going to stores showing this so they can point me to the direction I need to go to buy this..

from HubPages

"You Had One Job" Memes

reminds me of when I was in the gluten free isle at the supermarket and I saw a bag of gluten. :D

Writing prompt - tumblr I always love screwed-up romance AU's, for some reason!