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Nepeta // Not gonna lie. This triggers me so badly that Kankri thought a gun went off. I guess I like girls who look like they kill for a living.

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Kanto Starters Crochet Pattern Set Amigurumi Pokemon

Gotta crochet em all! And with this Pokemon Kanto Starters Amigurumi Crochet Pattern set, you can do so! This amigurumi pattern PDF collection includes patterns for: 1. Charmander 2. Squirtle 3. Bulbasaur 4. Pikachu 5. Pokeball Pod (you can open and close the Pokeball to hold your chibi Pokemon) This PDF chibi Pokemon amigurumi pattern e-book is fun to follow with plenty of photos and tutorial. If youre interested in the finished plushies, please be sure to take a look in my Etsy shop…

I made my daughter a fabric barn for Christmas and several people asked me for a tutorial. So, um, 8 months later (yes, I'm hanging my head...

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Chá de casca de abacaxi com cravo e canela

Chá de casca de abacaxi com cravo e canela Ingredientes: Cascas de um abacaxi 5 cravos 1 pau de canela 10 folhas de hortelã 1,5 litro de água Modo de preparo: Coloque todos os ingredientes numa panela com água e deixar ferver por 5 minutos. Pode ser servido quente ou gelado. O armazenamento em geladeira é de até 3 dias.