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BaconClan (on Wattpad) #fanfiction #Fanfiction #amreading #books #wattpad

Warriors Cats by on @deviantART

When Feathertail realized she was the silver cat and pulled a pointed rock of the roof of the cave to kill Sharptooth

warrior cats hollyleaf quotes - Google Search

The Story of Us by SkittyStrawberries on DeviantArt

When Clawface murdered Spottedleaf. You know what? I'm about ready to go and kill that .... idiot..... he KILLED HER! IN THE FIRTS FREAKING BOOK!!!!

Sandstorm PMV: Listen to Your Heart. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this. I know that Firestar will be waiting for Sandstorm when she joins StarClan in the future. They're my favortire Warriors couple

I just started reading and I am pea off by Ivypaw

In comments, write who you think was a better leader for each Clan (of the leaders shown). I'm curious. My votes are Bluestar, Crookedstar, Blackstar, and Tallstar