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In Asia, paying respect to elders is expected among younger people, a gesture such as bowing express the utmost respect. The elaborate and refined Japanese tea ceremony also meant to demonstrate respect through grace and good etiquette.

Formal Table Setting Etiquette - Step-by-step formal table setting guide - great diagrams depicting settings for all courses.

Formal Table Setting Etiquette - Step-by-step formal table setting guide - great diagrams depicting table settings for all courses.


Chopsticks what NOT todo. especially "Shoveling with tamago gohan", "Resting", "skewering" ect. But definitely don't do "Standing" and "Transferring". That is what only we do on funeral.

5 Forgotten Etiquette Rules To Remember

5 Etiquette Rules That Should Be Revived STAT

Between our increasingly hectic, stressful lifestyles and our attachment to technology, it's easy to totally lose track of the important manners and etiquette rules that may have been second nature for previous generations.

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The Art of Dining! Filled with hundreds of step-by-step dining etiquette guides covering all dining situations at home, in a restaurant, at the office, or in a new country. Learn the proper etiquette techniques for all dining situations!

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Niko Niko Sushi: How to

Niko Niko Sushi: How to

When eating, how do you hold your utensils? Check out these 14 ways to improve your table manners:

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for manners sitting at a table place the napkin in your lap upon seating.When leaving the table temporarily, put the napkin on your chair.At the meal's end, fold your napkin and place it to the left of your place setting.

Tip: Es mejor no dar una tarjeta de presentación, que dar una rayada, sucia, tachoneada, arrugada, etc. ‪#‎imagenempresarial‬ ‪#‎tip‬ #tarjetasdepresentación

Anything that is offered with both hands should be received with both hands. In many Asian cultures, this indicates respect. Be aware of how business cards, money or any other item is offered, and accept it in the same manner.