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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor asoiaf

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor asoiaf

Stannis and Shireen by Magali Villeneuve

Stannis and Shireen, cover art by Magali Viileneuve for A Clash of Kings, ASoIaF Book II GRR Martin/Dynamite Comics Release date: June 2017

I can't tell if this is supposed to be the Siege of Pyke or what, but it's a great picture.

Song of Ice and Fire Chronicle Starter by John Hay, Lee Hammock, James Kiley. Song of Ice and Fire Chronicle Starter by Green Ronin Publishing.

Arthur Dayne with Dawn

See Arthur Dayne "The Sword of the Morning" with his sword Dawn

headlesssamurai:  “You talk as if you’re a hero in some story. But these slain were not some blighted army of fabled ghouls. They were men. Fathers, husband, sons. All human, like you and me. Your face isn’t red because you’re dog tired. You struck a man’s head off, and were showered with his blood. This isn’t a story, kid. This is real. Real as it gets.” –  Jay Valdez

Brightwater Cavalry- House Florent of Brightwater Keep is a noble house from Brightwater Keep in the Reach, one of the main houses sworn to House Tyrell. Their sigil is a red-gold fox's head encircled by lapis lazuli flowers.

“I vowed to kill Rhaegar for what he did to her.”  “You did,” Ned reminded him.  “Only once,” Robert said bitterly.  #asoiaf  Part 2

Robert Baratheon vs Rhaegar Targaryen Game Of Thrones - a song of ice and fire

Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

Daemon Blackfyre Leading the Charge at Redgrass Field: Great Illustration for The World of Ice & Fire by José Daniel Cabrera Peña

Wow cool... lol

Nicknames of Game of Thrones Characters

Lord Anders Honor Guard

View Lord Anders Honor Guard by Tomasz Jedruszek and purchase the artwork as fine art print, canvas and framed wall art

A Templar Knight

Templar knight after the battle. A mighty sword-hand anchored by a holy purpose. A zealous warrior.

Princess Tiger Lily. The forgotten Disney Princess

Princess Tiger Lily, the often forgotten Disney Princess <--- umm. I totally forgot that she is a disney princess ohmygosh I can believe it, I'm totally gonna call her the forgotten princess

Hey! I deeed it again, I took another one of my old pieces and repainted it. Sort of liked the idea in the old piece, but the execution and style felt outdated and I had it removed from my portfoli...

Snow Battle by thomaswievegg viking battle sword axe shield fighters barbarians soldiers player character npc