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Top 5 Reasons Projects Fail | Kelly Project Solutions http://pmchat.net/2016/02/10/top-5-reasons-projects-fail/ via PMChat

Exceptional Project Managers advance strategic vision in tandem with command of process to drive project success.


Requirements Are Dead, Long Live the Solution

Requirements gathering is one phrase I have learned not to use with stakeholders as I deliver projects.

career change at 40

Top 5 Tips For Career Change at 40

We spend most of our waking ours at work, so why not make it the best it can be? Career coaching is laser focussed to bring out your own power to reach your full career potential.

my weblog: 10 Reasons Why Exercise Makes You Happier

Don’t move water that isn’t moving you. An advice from a old via Arras People

Communication is key to managing projects, but sometimes coming up with a communication plan from scratch can be daunting. Here are some tips for building up the plan so it will be understood and helpful to the team.

"Revising Project Management Processes" Don't be afraid to change the rules to make things work better.

¿Cuánto puedo ganar si trabajo mientras estoy en el Seguro Social?. Dependiendo de la cantidad de dinero que ganas en tu carrera, puedes ser capaz de permitirte el lujo de vivir de tu cheque mensual del Seguro Social. Sin embargo, si no ganaste altos salarios antes de tu jubilación, puede que tengas que conseguir un trabajo para complementar tu ingreso del Seguro Social. Factores como la edad y cuándo te ...

¿cuánto puedo ganar si trabajo mientras estoy en el seguro social

The power of emotional engagement. "How to Run a Successful Project"

A good reminder to be prepared!   "Four Things to Prepare for Before+Kicking Off a Project"

From the Archives: Four Things to Prepare for Before Kicking Off a Project

A good reminder to be prepared! "Four Things to Prepare for Before+Kicking Off a Project"

3 Reasons Value Needs to be at the Center of Your Project Triangle

Over the years, I’ve helped many teams find success by identifying and removing roadblocks. One roadblock that seems to be appearing with greater freq.