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Top 10 Handmade Gifts Using Photos

Letters are a big deal in design right now. I think it’s because we all connect with the personal nature of words. We can use letters in decorating to express ourselves, and we can do.

Get a picture frame. Put scrap paper into photo sections and label the days. Use a dry-erase marker and write your schedule for the week on the glass. Picture frame makes perfect calendar!

***Dry Erase Weekly Calendar - make for christmas present? -For Mom Materials Needed: -More than 7 picture frame -Cute Scrapbook paper -Dry erase marker -Black Alphabet stickers - Diy picture frames

Mother's Day - Mother's Day Writing Activities:This product contains 3 pages with writing activities for Mother's Day.The students will complete sentences about their mom and color the pictures.Happy teaching!Christian's Learning Center

Mother's Day Writing Activities

Mothers Day - Mothers Day Writing Activities:This product contains 3 pages with writing activities for Mothers Day.The students will complete sentences about their mom and color the pictures.

#Frugal April Fun #Craft for #Kids - DIY Rainy Day Paper Umbrellas

Craft for Kids: DIY Rainy Day Paper Umbrellas - My Kids Guide

Frugal April Fun Craft for Kids: DIY Rainy Day Paper Umbrellas: You can’t have rain without umbrellas, right? A great umbrella is the best part of a fun rainstorm. So whip up some mini umbrellas of your own to display.

What a cute and special gift for Dad on Father's Day.  Have dad and child put them on and take some pictures. Definitely a memory-making moment!

My 3 year old nursery kids made these for their dad& for Father& Day. We used crayons and stickers. The dads liked them, but the kids really liked them. :) I& not sure if the dads actually got them off of the kids to be able to wear them.

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30 day writing challenge - full of writing prompts/ideas. Don't know if I'd do the whole list, but some interesting stuff to think about.

Fingerpaint drawing book

Fingerprint Drawing Book, try making your own characters. No ones finger print is ever the same, a unique piece of art project for the kid in you.

I looked around glue stick is a popular choice for this. - How to Cover Your Eyebrows: 5 Steps - wikiHow

Cover Your Eyebrows

How to Get Self Cleaning Hair. Shampoo is full of harsh chemicals that strip your hair of its natural oils. If you stop using shampoo, your hair may adjust and possibly become "self-cleaning." While hair does not truly self-clean in a.

spray paint doilies on canvas = instant art

lay doilie on canvas. LEAVE IN PLACE (doilie will apprear white). lay second doilie on canvas. doilie will apprear in colour used in step remove both doilies = instant and awesome art

Have kids write the reason on a white board and take a picture with them holding it, frame it for Mother's Day gift. by angelia

Mothers Day, Fathers Day or Grandparents Day gift idea .kids hold up a white board with their reason on it.

"I am Thankful" box.  Have kids write or draw a picture of what they are thankful for and put it in the box.  Can share with the class if desired.

10 Lovely Craft Ideas for a Kid’s Table at Thanksgiving

Turkey Thank You Box - have your kids write down what they are thankful for throughout November. Read them on Thanksgiving Day. Helps kids learn there is more than just turkey on this holiday.

From ArtSmudge.com: Art for small Hands

Jan 2 A Sketchnote from NAEA's Webinar Series on Mindfulness in the Art Classroom