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Cradle of Filth  The Garage, Glasgow, 1998, on my own lol

Cradle of Filth The Garage, Glasgow, on my own lol

THE ELITE METAL BANDS | The Hottest Bands in the Metal Rock Scene

Fieldy - Jonathan Davis - Munky - David - Head Korn Wallpaper Picture When they are was young in Korn is the greatest band new rock.

Big & Rich

Big and Rich - This was one for my country loving hubby and they got the crowd going.

The Rasmus ★

The Rasmus ★

JD and Sons

Jonathan with his 3 kids; [left to right] Pirate, Nathan, and Zeppelin ♥

The Rasmus: Bands Are Like Relationships

The Rasmus talks to Academy TV about finding the time to see each other when living in different countries scattered across the globe.

System Of A Down Poster | System Of A Down movie posters at movie poster warehouse movieposter ...

When I first heard "Chop Suey" I thought it was a comedy skit Blitz band). These guys are arrogant.


Song of the Day: VooDoo by Godsmack

Godsmack - Yes. I was a heavy rock type of guy years back. I do still like their stuff though, especially the heavy sound.

Jose Carreras

The talented Jose Carreras was here in December